'Accept Customer Payment' Online Facility - Terms & Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between the user logging into this website ("the User"), the Agent (identified by its Rental Rewards Agent ID number, password and member information) (the "Agent") and PropertyPay / Rental Rewards ACN 056 881 942 ("PropertyPay").
  2. When the User submits and confirms payment details and thereby processes a payment using this payment facility ("Customer WebPay"), PropertyPay will be authorised to collect any payment described by the user (each a "Payment") on behalf of the Agent.
  3. A Convenience Fee is payable by the user in relation to all Payments made on this website (the "Convenience Fee"). The relevant Convenience Fee will be displayed before the User commits to the Payment.
  4. PropertyPay will deposit all Payments (less Convenience Fees to be deducted pursuant to these terms and conditions and any amount to be set-off under clause 8 of the Agent's participation agreement) by electronic funds transfer to the bank account nominated by the Agent in its PropertyPay membership details (the "Agent's Bank") in accordance with the Agent's Participation Agreement.
  5. The User warrants to PropertyPay that they are the authorised cardholder of the credit or debit card used to make a payment on Customer WebPay and is aware that this card account will be debited with the amount paid including the relevant Convenience Fee.
  6. The User is aware that once processed, this Payment (including the Convenience Fee) cannot be cancelled or refunded by PropertyPay and the User is aware that any applicable refund as a result of an overpayment, error or similar must be sought directly from the Agent.
  7. The User is aware that PropertyPay is not providing any service in addition to facilitating the payment of amounts due the Agent.
  8. The User releases and indemnifies PropertyPay from and against any action claim, loss, proceeding, cost, liability or expense (a "Claim") suffered or incurred by the User in relation to, in connection with or as a direct or indirect result of any failure by the User to pay amounts due to the Agent or as a result of incorrect use of Customer WebPay.
  9. The User is aware that PropertyPay will not deposit Payments to the Agent until the next business day after those funds have been completely cleared by the User's credit or debit card issuer and by PropertyPay' banking provider. PropertyPay will not be held liable for Claim as a result of any delays or failures with the processing, clearing or depositing of the Payment.
  10. The User is aware that payments submitted after 5pm AEST will not commence processing until the following business banking day.
  11. The User agrees that PropertyPay may use any details collected on Customer WebPay for the purpose of processing the Payment and for communicating details of the Payment to the Agent or the User.
  12. The User is aware that all Payments processed on Customer WebPay will appear on their card statement as 'REAL ESTATE PAYMENT -RR AUSTRALIA'.

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