Ways to Pay Rent – Payment Options

Set & Forget Automatic Debit
Set automatic debit
  • The easiest and hassle-free way to pay
  • Payments are processed automatically
  • Choose frequency or weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Login any time to see payment history and receive a SMS/Email if a payment fails
YesPay SMS/Email “Rent Reminders”
SMS and email rent reminders
  • Never forget to pay your rent
  • Receive a SMS or Email rent reminder when rent is due and simply reply YES to pay
  • If you need to pay a different amount, just reply with that amount “YES $310.50”
  • Receive a confirmation message when the payment is processed

You can also make-one-off payments online – great for catch up, arrears, water charges and other one-off payments.

Payments can be made by card or account

We collect and chase rent for you

Automatic Retry

We make failed payments easier and hassle free.

  • Save time with automatic retry
    • If a payment fails, we automatically retry it
  • Automatic and YesPay SMS/Email Rent Reminder payments that fail are automatically reprocessed
  • When does auto retry happen?*
    • Bank Account payments: 1 day after the original payment fails
    • Card payments: 3 days after the original payment fails
  • How do I know if my payment will auto retry?*
    • The tenant (and agent) receive a SMS/Email Failed Payment Alert with retry information
Set up your rent payments