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Don’t worry about having to micromanage your cashflow!

Rental Rewards is the only way to pay your electricity bills online​ and get rewarded generously for it! We give you the opportunity your pay your utility bills online with a credit card, and we make the entire process and simple and convenient for you as possible!

Rental Rewards takes all the worry away from having to micromanage your cashflow! You’ll never get hit with a bank fee again, because the money comes from your credit card, not your bank account. As well as that, you get the chance to make a positive impact on your credit history as well.

The most important benefit of Rental Rewards is right here in the name – you get rewards for paying your electricity and utility bills online! These come in the form of Qantas frequent flyer points, retail credit and more! It’s totally up to you!

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Get on board and join Rental Rewards today! Start getting something back for being good at paying your electricity & utility bills! You can pay online with credit card or direct debit.


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