Rental payments
made easy

Protect your rental history by never missing a payment again with Rental Rewards.

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Tenant Benefits

Earn credit card reward points

Earn bonus Qantas Points

Enjoy low fees and interest-free

How does it work?

Choose the way you pay your rent. Pick to Set & Forget or receive SMS/Email rent reminders.

Set & Forget

Rent is automatically debited from your nominated card or account when due, so you will never have to remember to pay your rent again

SMS or Email reminders

Receive a prompt SMS or email reminder that keeps you on schedule but also provides you with the simple option to complete payment with a “Yes” response

Get Rewards: Qantas Points + Ambassador Card

Make your renting experience easier and get rewarded. By effortlessly paying your rent through our platform, you unlock the perks of earning Qantas Points and gaining access to exclusive discounts and offers as a valued member of The Ambassador Club.

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