Unlock All the ways to pay with Rental Rewards

We know that offering tenants options to pay the way they like helps our agents get paid faster and on time. With Rental Rewards, tenants can access a variety of payment options with an easy checkout ensuring less follow-ups and more on-time payments.


Making and receiving payments with ease


Credit Cards

Rental Rewards accept credit card payments, hassle-free and securely.

PayTo: Coming Soon

PayTo is Australia’s new real time direct debit processing solution for bank account payments.


PayID is making Bank Account Payments faster and even more secure. The new Bank Account payment option allows customers to pay you via their bank account using a unique PayID. This takes away the need for countless bank account details and ensures your business name is always present.


If you’re thinking of selling or renting out your property, or got urgent repairs or improvements required, you can apply for a PropertyPayLater powered by Latitude interest free payment plan.

Apple Pay

Do your customers use Apple Wallet or iPhones to pay? Tenants with Apple products can now pay you super quickly using Apple Pay and an Apple Wallet. No additional setups or costs are required. 

You will still receive fast payment like a credit card but your customers can rely on a safer and more secure payment method. 

Google Pay

Users with Google products can now pay quickly and securely using Google Pay or a Google Wallet. No additional setups or costs are required.

Receive payments exactly the way you do now, but Google Pay users have the improved experience of accessing their online wallet when they pay you. 

Empowering you with flexibility

At Rental Rewards, we’re committed to providing our users all the ways to pay to suit their preferences.  From paying rental payments to utilities bills, our platform will help both tenants and agents with their property needs.

Tenancy & Rental Bond Lodgement Online

There’s no better system for bond lodgement and refunds online​ than Rental Rewards!

We can take care of the busywork, end to end, and make sure that your bond is successfully lodged
We’ll help you get your tenancy bond back to you – both the processes can happen entirely online!

Rental Rewards specialises in making sure that your bond lodgement happens online with as little fuss as possible.

Pay Electricity & Utility Bills Online

Don’t worry about having to micromanage your cashflow!

Rental Rewards is the only way to pay your electricity bills online​ and get rewarded generously for it! We give you the opportunity your pay your utility bills online with a credit card, and we make the entire process and simple and convenient for you as possible!

Rental Rewards takes all the worry away from having to micromanage your cashflow! You’ll never get hit with a bank fee again, because the money comes from your credit card, not your bank account. As well as that, you get the chance to make a positive impact on your credit history as well.

The most important benefit of Rental Rewards is right here in the name – you get rewards for paying your electricity and utility bills online! These come in the form of Qantas frequent flyer points, retail credit and more! It’s totally up to you!

Rental Deposit Payment Online

Set up your rental deposit​ to be paid by Rental Rewards! We’re the simplest, most convenient way to pay your rent deposit online! We’ll handle the entire process of having your rental deposit go through the system and we’ll ensure that it reaches where it needs to be!

Why should you choose Rental Rewards for your rental deposit?

Rent Payments Online

Easiest way to pay rent online!

Hassle Free Monthly Payments Rental Rewards is the best system for making sure that your rent payment gets taken care of every month with as little hassle and as much benefit to you as possible!

Variety of Payment Methods We facilitate online rent payments through a wide variety of payment methods – we can even set it up so they get paid automatically!

The Rental Rewards service is the best and easiest way to pay rent online.

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