Jones Lang LaSalle – Payments Portal

Jones Lang LaSalleUsing this portal, you can make credit or debit card payments to Jones Lang LaSalle.

To process a payment:

  1. Review the Jones Lang LaSalle bank account stated on your Jones Lang LaSalle invoice.
  2. Identify the last 3 digits of the specified account on this list below.
  3. Select the relevant payment link to pay.
Jones Lang LaSalle Bank A/C Payment Links
xxx-272 Process Payment
xxx-767 Process Payment
xxx-913 Process Payment
xxx-545 Process Payment
xxx-003 Process Payment
xxx-673 Process Payment
xxx-888 Process Payment
xxx-013 Process Payment
xxx-838 Process Payment
xxx-614 Process Payment
xxx-195 Process Payment
xxx-637 Process Payment

If the account listed on your invoice is not listed above, please email details to: [email protected]

This is a third party payment service provided and operated by Rental Rewards Pty Ltd ACN 056 811942 and usage of this service requires acceptance of the Rental Rewards/PropertyPay terms and conditions available on the payment page. The Jones Lang LaSalle lease holder is responsible for the payment of rent and payments made using this service become classified as rent payments when deposited (on the next banking day after payment clearance) to the nominated Jones Lang LaSalle bank account by PropertyPay.