Put time and money back into growing your rent roll with Rental Rewards! 

The only payment processor with a NO CHARGEBACK GUARANTEE*!

Maintaining a competitive advantage in Australia’s property market can be challenging for real estate offices, where focusing on customers and operational efficiencies is crucial for long term success. So, when the Raine & Horne group came to select a preferred supplier for a rent payment platform for its network, it found the benefits offered by Rental Rewards made it a logical choice.

“We chose Rental Rewards because it has a known brand, significant market presence, better offering than other solution providers and is more trusted”
Maria Milillo
Business Support Manager - Property Management, Raine & Horne Group.​

Keep Costs Under Control!

"After trying other platforms in the past, we needed a system that would help us manage costs and support the size of our rent roll. Head office helped us to realise that Rental Rewards was the best option for us as, compared to the alternatives, the savings were clear"
Carol Fung
Senior Property Manager & Licensee-In-Charge at Raine & Horne City Living

Exceptional Support and Professionalism

“We thought the main challenge during the changeover to Rental Rewards would be communicating the changes to tenants. Documents, templates and the on-site and on-phone support provided by the Rental Rewards team reduced the risks and potential impact of these changes, resulting in a smooth transition. In just under 30 days, 90% of our existing tenants moved across to Rental Rewards, “says Carol.

“The system is easy to understand and bolts onto our existing way of doing things and training and regular refreshers were provided throughout the process to ensure our staff were always comfortable. People can be afraid of change, how it will impact their business and how potential teething problems will be dealt with,” Carol says. “We didn’t experience any of that. The Rental Rewards team assisted us from the start, even helping with the wording of the correspondence sent to tenants and making suggestions for encouraging tenants to move over to the new system.”

The Results

Having moved more than 90% of the rent roll onto the Rental Rewards payment system, Raine & Horne City Living is already seeing a significant reduction in the time and costs associated with collecting and receipting tenant payments.

“With this system I have already reduced our costs by 30-40% a month, and I can use these savings to make the workload easier in other areas of our operation or to expand the business.” says Carol.

Works for Every Business

Rental Rewards is suitable for all real estate offices (Sales, Rentals and Commercials) ranging from the independents right through to large franchises, no matter the size of the rent roll. Service and support is personal, customised and ongoing and the savings in both time and money speak for themselves.

The only payment processor with a NO CHARGEBACK GUARANTEE*!

“I’d certainly recommend Rental Rewards to every real estate office. Everyone should compare the system, service and support of Rental Rewards to what they are using now,” says Carol.


With Rental Rewards there is something for everyone


Your Tenants

The benefits of Rental Rewards include the fact that the tenant can get up to 55 days interest free period by using their credit card to pay their rent and, in many instances, earn credit card points from the card provider. The points the tenants earn are subject to the terms of their credit card and associated rewards program. If the tenant is a Qantas Frequent Flyer (QFF) member and uses their credit card to pay their rent, they’ll also receive 1,000 QFF points immediately plus 100 QFF points in each month they make a minimum payment of $1,500.


You – The Business

You earn 1 Qantas Business Rewards point for every $20 the tenant pays you by credit card through Rental Rewards Public Web-Pay. As an added benefit, you can pay all your business expenses on your credit card through our B2BPay system and earn 1 Qantas Business Rewards point per $100 that you spend plus full credit card points from your card provider including when you pay the ATO, government and utilities.


Who is Rental Rewards?

Rental Rewards is operated by Zenith Payments Pty Ltd, the leading payments processing and prepaid card provider in Australia. Proudly Australian and 100% privately owned,

Zenith has been operating since 1984 and, until 2014, was part of Pinpoint which is the world leader in loyalty solutions



*Visa and MasterCard only

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