Credit Card/Debit Card Payments Portal

Set Up Ongoing Payments:

Create a profile to set up ongoing payments, receive an email reminder every month and to access payment history. If your rent amount differs each month, schedule an email reminder – you can reply ‘YES $’ (eg. YES $1234.56) or simply go online to pay the amount due. 
Set up ongoing payments/reminders

Pay QIC Invoice Now:

To make a one-off payment, select your QIC building from this drop down list.

If you are unsure of, or cannot find your building, contact QIC on (07) 3020 7088.
For payment assistance, email [email protected] or [email protected]. Contact Nicole Gorman on 0476 777 468.

This payment service is provided and operated by Rental Rewards Pty Ltd ACN 056811942 and usage of this service requires acceptance of the terms and conditions available on the payment page.

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