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Set up your rental deposit​ to be paid by Rental Rewards! We’re the simplest, most convenient way to pay your rent deposit online! We’ll handle the entire process of having your rental deposit go through the system and we’ll ensure that it reaches where it needs to be!

Why should you choose Rental Rewards for your rental deposit?

Earn Great Rewards

Because our system is the only system where you get great rewards for merely paying your rental deposit! By simply paying your deposit online through us, you can earn frequent flyer points from Qantas, or shopping credits at major retail outlets such as Myer!

Simple and Smooth Proccess

We understand that a rental deposit can often make up quite a large sum of money, so when it comes time for you to get that rent deposit back in your pocket, we can help make that process run as smoothly as possible for you, too.

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There’s so many reasons to use Rental Rewards to manage your rent deposit, and that’s why people are joining up fast! Today is your day to start earning rewards for paying your rent deposit online!


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