Tenant Benefits

Earn Credit Card Reward Points
Earn points on every dollar of rent and use for flights, vouchers and more
Bonus Reward Points

1,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points every year when you pay by card

Qantas Frequent Flyer

The cheapest way to pay rent by credit card
Use your interest-free days
Tenants can utilise their credit card to be able to pay their rent on time
Save time & never forget to pay rent
Choose easy ‘Set & Forget’ automatic payments or receive SMS/Email ‘Rent Reminders’ and simply reply YES to pay
Easy & Rewarding
Card payments are not treated as a cash advance like some other major bank payment services


Payment Options

Choose from 2 payment options
Set & Forget – automatic payments
Set automatic payments
  • Payments are processed automatically when due
  • You’ll never have to think about paying your rent again
SMS or Email ‘Rent Reminders’
SMS or email rent reminders
  • Receive FREE SMS or Email ‘Rent Reminders’ every time your rent is due
  • Simply reply “Yes” to pay and receive a confirmation – it’s as easy as that